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DEKITI-TIRSIA-SIRADAS KALI SYSTEMi- is a unique system of all Filipino art. It is identified with Kali in its philosophy and cultural forms with identity in its genetical values manifested in the physical and intellectual faculties as observed and found in the ability and skill of DEKITI-TIRSIA-SIRADAS.

Hidden in secret for several hundred years, the forefathers who hold the brains of the technology, practiced and preserved the system that made possible for the later generations to be recipient of those technical knowledge and made possible to be propagated far and wide to four corners of the world.

The historical equivalent dated its performance in the Philippines history, the famous battle of Mactan, where the famous Ferdinand Magellan suffered death on a one-on-one edge weapon combat. Magellan lost his head, while Lapu-Lapu became victorious with loud and prideful angry voice shouted, “I bow to no King” year 1521, the Philippine-Spanish revolution wherein the Spaniards lost the revolution to the Filipinos, forced the issue for Spain to sell the Filipinos at $3.00 per head to the Americans in the Treaty of Paris in 1889. This part of the sequential events was the bloodiest part in the Philippines history, edge weapon tactics were used by the early forefathers, the third events in the Philippine history was the 1890 when the Americans reached in the island under Admiral Dewey. Fighting against the foreigners were a continuing activities because there was no artful style of blade fighting with the ability to close-in against the enemy, chopping each one to pieces was a great manifestations of mastery and splendor of victory.

The Americans using 38 caliber revolvers and Krugers rifles were no match against the on rushing blades, spears and arrows that almost

totally wipe out a brigade of American blue shirts, South Dakota Brigade soldiers stationed Balingaga, Samar. The last event of the history was the Japanese invasion in the Philippines; almost all islands in the Pacific were taken and occupied by the Japanese invading forces from Marianas Island, Solomon, Marshal Island and South Pacific where practically under the control of the Japanese forces. Lastly, the Philippines where last stand a last fight manifested in the island of Corregidor, Bataan.Four months of bloody fighting together with the Americans, the Filipinos fought side by side against the invading forces too powerful that General Wainwright of the U.S forces stationed in the Philippines surrendered. A defeat to the Americans but victory to the Filipinos is the only the beginning of the war.


Our great fighters organized Bolo Brigades into a guerilla type movement wherein the use of the bolos, kris, parang, barong, talibong, ginunting, kampilan and sharp patrol or Sentry’s. Either in group of squad, company or battalion, the Filipino guerillas were formidable against the Japanese forces.

The experience of the past relates to the present generation for the Filipino fighting art became very effective and useful in all aspect of life at peace or at war. The Filipino Fighting Art is practical and handy.

DEKITI-TIRSIA-SIRADAS SYSTEM – is one of the live original fighting art in the Philippines.


DEKITI – meaning malapit,very tightly close, cornered in an area, to close in, devastate the enemy. Tear apart nothing left.

TIRSIA – meaning GuasaWalaorsaTu-o or quartering in fighting, “Pasulod” or push the enemy to a corner or area in a three corner sides preventing him to escape or runaway from multiple deadly blows and thrust.

SIRADAS –meaning stop to get in or stop him to penetrate in any angle of attack.

DEKITI-TIRSIA-SIRADAS SYSTEM was a formation of intellectual expertise of the Tortal’s brothers namely: Conrado, Balbino, Francisco, Teodorico, along with their father Segundito and great grandfather Norberto. Those were the pillars of the DEKITI-TIRSIA-SIRADAS SYSTEM family. System now survived by Grand Master Jerson (Nene) P. Tortal and his son Jerson E. Tortal Jr.

DEKITI-TIRSIA-SIRADAS SYSTEM was popularized in different States of America by Grandmaster Jerson (Nene) Tortal from the province of Talisay, Negros Occidental, Philippines and expanded to North and South America including Western Europe and Asia.

DEKITI-TIRSIA-SIRADAS SYSTEM made a legendary history in the martial arts world. The Dekiti-Tirsia-Siradas System known as the safety baton and surviving edge weapon was the most accepted system as a liability factor saver for Law Enforcement, Military, Security and Executives.

DEKITI-TIRSIA-SIRADAS SYSTEM in terms of sports program, (tournaments, demonstration, etc) a series of demonstrations, tournaments were held in different parts of the Philippines, in schools, universities and private companies.

DEKITI-TIRSIA-SIRADAS SYSTEM is a medieval art of the modern times and the living past. It has been proven and continued to be effective and devastating. It is a complete system from philosophical, cultural and fighting values. Only Grandmaster Jerson (Nene) P. Tortal and his only son Jerson E. Tortal Jr. can explain the real meaning of DEKITI-TIRSIA-SIRADAS in its fighting spirit and fighting forms.


Kali is one of the oldest philosophies or a way of life. It was established when the Code of Kalantiao was practiced since the Majapahit empire and Sri Visaya. It is a long lost culture of a truly Filipino heritage as before they were called Filipinos, they tagged as tribes of Kali.

The philosophical mystic of Kali was lost during the introduction of the European and Western cultures, through religious and educational methods, specifically the Thomasites, yet despite the cultural invasions, a considerable group of practitioners were able to preserve and spearheaded the continuity of this unique and mystical culture.

While there were present disputes among Filipinos relating to politics and other foreign philosophies, we were still unsettled and unable to discover the inner kernel of ourselves, which is the “KALI WAY OF LIFE”.

When the remnants of Kali practitioners in the country decided its “Kapulungan”, chosen was the “Bala-an Bukid”, wherein the Blessed Savior of the cross will rise, with the belief that the Redeemer of the oppressed will come into glory.


Kali is the oldest form of weaponry in the Philippines. It comes from the word “KALIS”, which implies the use of the blade. It is a traditional cultural art of the Filipino people which designed for the physical training, mental development and spiritual upliftment of an individual practitioner which will relatively strengthen his moral values of foundation. The naturally graceful and harmonious movements used in this art are characterized of the methods found and used by other Asian Countries.



The Legendary Family Art of:

SGM Jerson P. “Nene” Tortal & only son GM Jerson E. Tortal  Jr.

From the Island of Negros Occidental Philippines

“Dekiti-Tirsia-Siradas” – is an ancient authentic and unadulterated Filipino martial arts system. This system dates back to the13th century and originated from the island of Negros Philippines.

Dekiti-Tirsia-Siradas – is a combative art that places an emphasis on the importance of foot works and theories of strategic defense, offense and counter offense that have been proven effective in combat situations.

“Kali or Arnis” – is the Filipino martial arts introduced and taught by our forefathers which studies and translates into a system of “Dekiti-Tirsia-Siradas”, a combative techniques emphasis as a tradition and customary language of the arts. It is one of the unique family arts being introduced by Tortal’s brother’s from the family generations.

Dekiti-Tirsia-Siradas – was a formation of intellectual expertise of the Tortal’s brothers namely: Conrado, Balbino, Teodorico, along with their father Segundito and great grandfather Norberto Tortal. Those where the pillars of the Dekiti-Tirsia-Siradas family system now survived by Int’l.GrandmasterJerson Nene Tortal and only son Jerson E. Tortal Jr.

Hidden in secret for several hundred years, the forefathers who hold the brains of technology, they practiced and preserved the systems that made possible for the later generations to be receipt of those

technical knowledge and made possible to be propagated far and wide to four corners of the World.





The Spirit of the Talibong and Ginunting as Kali Ilonggo blade prominent in Negros and Panay Island are essential elements of the Kali Warrior skills and expertise. After long tedious years if constant feel and partnership with the Talibong and Ginunting, the chemical components of the metals and the body handle, there is a unique feeling of lightness with starting vibration of heart that invigorates the hand and travels with electrical energy to the whole system which propels the warrior to take an action ready for combative encounter.

This unusual experience can truly be attained if there is a high level of concentration during the training executing the artistic art of the blade and the execution of the power impact blows to simulated targets.

Supervision by a generic grand master of the system who has the source of knowledge from generation to generation is essentially potential in disseminating the knowledge and wisdom which evolves under the Dekiti-Tirsia-Siradas System, that make it a systematic 

method which evolves in the realm of ancient levels of knowledge updated into the present warfare of strategy and tactics.

Contra-Tirsia-Siradas – is the top echelon of all the methods within the Dekiti-Tirsia-Siradas after progressively reached the level of the Contradas, Recontras, Recontradas, the Pasunod, Pasugat, Palipas and counter motions, deflections, and counter deflections, engaging and disengaging of both blades during contact, slashes and counter slashes, thrust and counter thrust, punyo and counter punyo, whizzing blows countered by the smokey florets.

Contra-Tirsia-Siradas – is compact multiple aggressive attacks combined to anticipate any strikes with vertical diagonal or lateral attack. Contra means to counter within the perimeters of quartering distance. If the attack enters into the quartering zone, a volley of the multiple attacks will be delivered with unmerciful blows in full speed with timing and power directed into the sectionalized zone of triangle in small divided area expanded to greater triangle.

Contra-Tirsia-Siradas – is a prepared set if strategies and tactics using the footwork as the basis of ranging, feigning moves using  moves of ranging tactical infiltration by multiplying the volley of strikes into rapid slashes or thrust or combination of both.

Contra-Tirsia-Siradas – defines the loading zone for each move preparing the different strategies for execution with devastating sequence. While there are movements from the enemies’ weapons,Contra-Tirsia-Siradas remains a counter-offensive technique to be released at the instance where the opening is found.

Contra-Tirsia-Siradas – is a continuing technical progression escalated movement which divides the strategical structure to tactical killing zones.

Contra-Tirsia-Siradas – can act independently. Technique per technique without sacrificing the vulnerable parts of the body.It maintains the distance anticipation totally eliminating the rigidity of using the blocking principle by regulating the move into a finer realm of command control action.

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