GM Jerson Tortal Jr

GM Jerson Tortal, Jr.



Born in : Negros Occidental, Philippines

Started In Martial Arts: at the age of Six( 6) years Old


Martial Art’s Background:

2nd Dan Black Belt in Karate, Expert in Nun Chaku, 4 years training in (Tracma)-Trovador Ramos Consolidated Martial Arts.,  5 years in Supreme Martial Arts., Current Int’l. Grandmaster, World Trainer, of Dekiti Tirsia Siradas System, World Trainor, Instructor


Pres. / Int’l.  Grandmaster, Instructor


 Filipino  Indigenous  legendary Family Martial arts



            Local :

 Conduct Summer classes in Self Defense Training for student’s, and non-student’s, as part of my training program here in University of the Philippines School Campus dated April to May 2012. 

  1. Conduct Self- Defense and Survival Training Course program and became Exclusive Trainor for PNP-Swat/RMG Regional Mobile Groups at El Ridge Camp, in Los Banos,Laguna, Philippines dated June 19, until August 19, 2012.
  1.  Trainor in Safeguard Security of IRRI, in Los Banos, Laguna dated March 2010
  1. Invited as guest instructor for PNP-(SAF) Special action force, and the commando and conducts actual demonstrations  over  two (2) battalion  in Fort Sto. Domingo, Cavite city.
  1. Exclusive Instructor Self- Defense for women to all   employees of IRRI- in los Banos, laguna.
  1. Exclusive trainor for River warrior’s for Pasig River Rehabilitation project of Ms. Gina Lopez of ABS –CBN Foundation Inc. last 2011.
  1. Exclusive trainor for the Celebrity MS. Gina Lopez , Owner of ABS –CBN Foundation Inc., and including her house worker’s and personal body guards dated last 2011.
  1. Invited as Guest Instructor for the World Kali Sports Championship

              Dated Dec. 10,  2006.


  1. Invited as guest instructor for the World Filipino martial Art s festival for foreign delegates and local practitioner’s held in Tagaytay  City dated July 17-21,  2006. With certificate of  appreciation.
  1. Received certificate of appreciation as guest instructor from PIGSAI-Philippine Indigenous game and sports dated  May 7-2006.
  1. Received certificate of appreciation as guest instructor from  Bakbakan  Int’l. for foreign delegates during seminar and competition dated april 26, 2006.
  1. Received certificate or appreciation from Modern Arnis Federation  dated Sept. 29, 2001.
  1. Received certificate  of membership  in attending for the workshop seminar at Police Hotline network, Inc. for the “ Crime prevention, Drug awareness, intelligence gathering, monitoring, and reporting orientation dated July 21, 2003.
  1. Received certificate of appreciation from Citizen’s Crime Watch during the seminar held in Camp Crame  dated Sept. 13, 1997.


  1. Received certificate of appreciation from Fort Myer’s Military Community Fort Myer , Virginia , USA , Pentagon for our demonstration of our Filipino Indigenous family martial arts.
  2. Received letter of appreciation from Missouri State Highway patrol Department of Public Safety in Missouri State USA. For our demonstration and seminar held last April 16, 2004.
  3. Received certificate of membership from Circle of Master’s in New Jersey, USA dated June 15, 2002 and was given the rank of “ Maragtas” equivalent to 10 degree black belt.
  4. Received certificate of appreciation from Nubreed martial arts in Wyoming , USA dated May 5-19, 2002.



  1. Featured with Ms. Cory Quirino in her television show Citiline Program of ABS-CBN channel 2 dated May 1997.
  2. Featured at in news papers of guardian eye newspaper dated Feb. 15, 2001, front page tabloid dated May 2006, Lampara sports dated Nov. 15, 2000..
  3. Featured in the books of mark Wily’s in USA.
  4. Featured in Filipino fighting arts academy in Virginia Beach , USA dated may 6, 2004.
  5. Featured in magazine of the World Filipino martial Arts in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA dated August
  6. Featured and interviewed together with my father in two of the highest rated shows in Mid Missouri, during the morning television variety show of Pepper and Friends with Mr. Paul Pepper, in Mid Missouri , USA dated April 13, 2004.
  7. Featured in different magazines, brochures, books, local newspapers, internet sites, and some television shows both local and international.

Received Plaques of Appreciation:


  1. Received plaques of appreciation during the seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA dated August 5, 2006.
  2. Received plaques of appreciation from the PNP-in camp crame for the 1st World Invitational Arnis Championship stick and forms competition
  3. Received awards and trophy from KAIKIJUTSU DOJO KARATE ARNIS competition got the award as champion  for the form competition held in Cavity City dated August 4, 2001.


  1. Conduct training at  University of Santo Tomas to all 6, 000 strong ROTC Cadets and officer’s  together with my father.
  2. Conduct training at T.U.P Manila for their 5,000 strong ROTC-cadets and officer’s.
  3. Conduct at New Era University, Philippines for the ROTC cadets and officer’s.
  4. Conduct training at C.E.U. Centro Escolar University, Manila for the ROTC cadets and officers.
  5. Conduct training at the Barangay tanod in Las Pinas City, for the crime prevention week program.
  6. Conduct training at Barangay Tanod in Los Banos,Laguna, composed of 14 Barangay’s for their Advance Defensive tactical training on weaponry .
  7. Conduct one whole day training at the Philippine Public Safety College .
  8. Conduct training at the 1304th and 1303rd Philippine army Reservist.
  9. Conduct training at JUSMAG-Joint U.S marine Active and mission personnel at U.,S. embassy, Roxas BLvd., Pasay City.




  1. YEAR 2002 – Conduct seminar’s at Evolution Fitness Center, Kim’s Taekwondo Academy,   in  Utah Salt Lake City.

Conduct training at Essex County Police Academy in New Jersey City, USA


Conduct private training to a businessman at home in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


  1. Year 2004 – Conduct training tour and seminar at:


                   a)Terra haute, Indiana, USA,

b)Dexter’s martial Arts and Fitness Center,  Columbia Missouri,

c)American martial arts Academy , Jefferson, Missouri, USA

  1. d) Chicago martial arts academy, Illinoi Chicago, USA

e)Taekwondo academy, in Florida, USA

f)Hybrid Academy of martial art’s , in Virginia Beach, m USA

g)United Taekwondo Academy, in Winston Salem, NC USA.

h)Filipino Fighting arts academy, in Virginia  Beach, USA


  1. Year 2005, 2006– Conduct training in Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia.

October 2006– Conduct  training in Mexico  City

July 2007– Conduct  training in Malaysia


  1. 28- Oct. 28, 2013– Training Tour Seminar in Dubai, UAE.
  1. June 3-12, 2014– Trainor tour seminar in Guangzshou , China

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Pres./Int’l. Grandmaster, World Trainor, Instructor


BY : Raven Tactical Int


    I am pleased to announce the inductees of the 2013 hall of honors. This is not a hall of fame. Many of the people inducted into our Hall are not “famous”. No, this is a hall of Honor because every person inducted has HONOR! We celebrate the individuals we induct for their outstanding efforts and example.

  • This hall is not a popularity contest. We charge nothing for induction and only a hand full of senior Raven members make the selection. For this reason every person inducted is done so on their merits and nothing more. I tip my hat to all of this years inductees. You are all individuals who our members should seek to emulate. You lead by example in a field often lacking in leaders. My deepest respect to all of you.

    Fernan Vargas
    Founder of Raven Tactical International

    Platinum Raven Award
    Antonio Sastre Argentina
    Awarded for 40yrs + active training in Martial Arts.

  • Golden Raven Award
    Billy Warlock USA
    Awarded for 30yrs + active training in the Martial Arts.

    Silver Raven Award
    Andres Morales:Chile
    Awarded for 20yrs+ active training in the Martial Arts.

  • Living Legend Award